Aspectek Humane Tunnel Mole Trap Simply Catch and Release Away from your property


$10 USD


  • NON-TOXIC: Our Humane Tunnel Mole Trap simply catches moles unharmed and alive for release elsewhere. Eliminate moles without the use of chemicals or poisons.
  • OUT OF SIGHT: Humane Tunnel Mole Trap works buried in the mole tunnel, trapping the mole as it moves along the tunnel.
  • EASY DISPOSAL: Humane Tunnel Mole Trap has a special lock allowing it to split into two for easy and clean release of trapped moles
  • SOPHISTICATED CONSTRUCTION: Equipped with two doors that only swing inwards to let the mole in, but not let it out for effective mole control
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Very little setup and maintenance required. Trap is made of durable plastic to ensure many seasons of use.

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