DeroTeno Kitchen Tongs with Silicone Tips and Stands, Cooking Tongs, Bbq Grill Tongs, Set of 3


$14 USD


  • Our kitchen tongs with silicone head are made of extra thick, premium stainless steel all the way from the handles to the scalloped heads
  • Tongs set of 3: Our grilling tongs and silicone tongs set including 7", 9", and 12" tongs, meet your requirements
  • Hanging ring pull mechanism allows for convenient air-drying and storage
  • The handy resting foot keeps the business ends angled up and off the surface so your grill tongs stay above the counter
  • An essential tool great-tongs for cooking and serving meats, appetizers, salads, and more, easy to clean, dishwasher safe

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